Rehab Day Five – It’s downhill from here!

by asifemily


What a shitty day.  I neglected to note down last night the exchange I had with B—, but it’s important in order to explain exactly why today has been shitty.  It’s not the main reason, but it counts so here goes: shortly before going to bed, I decided to go down for a smoke.  B– being the only non-Russian there, rather than read I decided to converse with him.  I made some comment about how sexy the actress in the French Krimi ‘Spiral’ is.  Unremarkable.  I then said goodnight and began making my way down the corridor.  I turned around to see that he had, in fact, followed me.  He then made some comment about imagining fucking me.  I responded that I thought he had a girlfriend, to which he replied that he had coincidently just broken up with her.  I proceeded up the steps with him following and making comments about my behind.  I then told him to go and “wixx’ eine” – go and have a wank – and went into my room.

            This morning I had a nice time at the Sauna with A—, one of the Russians.  Then during the group meeting, B– said in front of everyone that someone had made sexual advances towards him and he would rather that the topic of sex was off limits.  Funnily enough, I had already related last night to S——– and A—, both of whom then supported me…but still, what an asshole.  He then spent the afternoon wandering around with his top off.  Equality.  Not just equality, but truthfulness!  Ugh.

            Also just went to the village for a chat with a psychologist, who seemed at a loss as to what she should do with me.  We spent an awkward twenty minutes together, in which she repeated how hard it would be for me to get away from drugs and commented that from my appearance she would expect that people would try to hawk to me, before I eventually said “I don’t know why I came here”…to which she replied “no, nor do I”.  Professionals!